Dana Abbott Katana XL Sword

Dana Abbott Katana XL Sword

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Dana Abbott Katana XL Sword


Each new blade is differentially tempered (HRC60 edge, HRC40 back) with a genuine Notare (Wave) Hamon. These swords feature genuine Same (Rayskin) on the Tsuka, with a tightly woven Tsuka-lto (Cotton Wrap) chosen for its gripping qualities, and a long tang with double Mekugi for security. The Fuchi and Kashira feature a Mon (Family Emblem) motif and replicate an antique set in Shihan Abbott¹s personal collection. The iron Wave design on the Tsuba compliments the Hamon and brass Habaki, while the Menuki represent the traditional Japanese Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flower motif. The wooden Saya features a longer sageo and is pebble-finished in ebony.


Shihan Abbott's Signature Series Daisho traditional blades offer excellent drawing techniques and cutting abilities. They are designed to satisfy the demands of any discriminating martial artist.


The newly designed Katana XL sword colloquially called, The Cutter, is a heavy Katana that is ideal for serious competitive cutting. Its design incorporates the geometry, strength, weight and profile needed by practitioners. Replicating the craftsmanship of traditional Japanese Samurai swords, this sword is made with high quality sageo with black cotton tsuka.


The genuine Same (Rayskin) binds the core of the swords together and adds friction for the wrap to grip. The iron tsuba features an antique finish that is virtually identical to museum-conserved originals. This warrior¹s blade is heavier, thicker and a proven performer.




Blade Length: 29-1/4" from bottom of tsuba
Handle Length: 12-1/4"
Overall Length: 41-3/4"