About Us



To martial artists everywhere,

Our mission at MARTIAL ARTS DEPOT is to have every individual experience the many benefits of martial arts. This mission is based on our core belief that the martial arts can profoundly change lives. As a martial artist myself who has been teaching classes since 1994,I have seen this change in thousands of students who discover not only the physical benefits of the arts, but more importantly the intangible gifts of respect, discipline, confidence, integrity, and honor.

The ultimate goal of your martial arts instructor is to help you, the student, achieve your full potential. Each belt test is another step towards reaching this potential that can positively impact every aspect of your life. Martial arts is a path where you will discover that anything is possible once you believe in yourself. I hope you will stay on this path of martial arts training and reap the lifelong benefits that can and will change your life.

Our expertise can help you select the products that will best enhance your martial arts training. MARTIAL ARTS DEPOT offers the largest selection of quality martial arts products in the world and we are proud to be a part of your martial arts experience.

Director / CEO
Martial Arts Depot INC.