DVD:Seminar: Fighting Strategy By Sifu Gary Lam

DVD:Seminar: Fighting Strategy By Sifu Gary Lam

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Fighting tips from an all Kung-Fu Champion? Even though it sounds too good to be true, that's exactly what you'll get in Sifu Gary Lam's insightful seminar on the skills, the plans, and the tips you need to improve your overall fighting.

Each insight is based on his personal fighting experiences in the ring and on the street. Now's your chance to gain valuable, realistic fighting knowledge from one of the world's best!

* Each DVD includes a chart of 20 essential Fighting Strategy's points used in the seminar.


  • Approx. : 110 minutes

* Discs are recorded in the TRUE DVD, NTSC system.

* This disc is compatible and will play on > 95 % of DVD players in the USA. However, some DVD player manufacturers may have the different coding system and therefore we cannot guarantee compatibility with ALL DVD players.