Five Tiger and Sheep Staff

Five Tiger and Sheep Staff

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The old wisdom is that the staff must be used with large movements and so it is with this method. This DVD covers the sixty basic techniques of Wu Hu Qun Yang Gun which include piercing attacks, parrying, splits, blocks, sweeps, and strikes all of which are shown in great detail and in slow motion. Also shown is footwork and grip changing Persistent practice along the lines shown in this program will develop strong skill and ability with this ancient and most effective weapon. A fine DVD made in China with sub-titles and voice over in English

About the Actor

Sifu Hung Ting Seng is the former secretary of the Fuchow (Southern China) martial arts association and a lifetime martial artist. He is probably best known as a senior student of Wan Lai-sheng (see Dragon Times #22) who was a martial arts legend in his lifetime, and one of the instructors most responsible for Chinese martial arts surviving the Cultural Revolution. Sifu Hung is a highly accomplished martial artist who teaches armed and unarmed methods.