Free Standing wooden dummy

Free Standing wooden dummy

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  • WING CHUN DUMMY BODY ( 65 inches long) is made of 8-inch diameter single piece solid elmwood, cut from used roof beam over 30 years old. It won’t crack anymore while hard kicking during your kung fu training practice
  • 22 INCHES LONG ARMS can be adjusted to 3 different positions – one high one low (staggered), or level at the same height (parallel). Upper arms are 51 inches (130cm) from the floor on the topmost position.
  • STABLE Iron Base with 12pcs of suction cups – iron base Size 15.7 inches x 15.7-inch square, and 7.87inch depth iron tube holds the wooden body tightly, depth and width 47 inches Traditionally, appropriate height is when the dummy upper arms are at your shoulder height. Stable dummy frame with body weights 45kg. If you find it too light, place some heavy things on the back of the iron board
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR ALL PARTS – if you break the wooden arms or leg, send us a message and we will send you a replacement for free
  • we have different styles for item wcm001.
    the free Standing with big and round iron base(750mm Dia.) and suction cups.
    the free-standing with big and round iron base(750mm Dia.) and suction cups + Father and Son Dummy.
    the free-standing with small and round iron base(450mm Dia.) and suction cups for children's practice.
    the free-standing with small and square iron base and suction cups
  • Package content:
    3pcs of solid arms,
    1 pc of a solid wooden leg,
    1 pc of a solid wooden body,
    a set of iron base with 12pcs of suction cups,
    bolts and nuts for assembling.
    3pcs of black canvas pads.


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