Kung Fu Wax Wood Staff 武术白蜡杆

Kung Fu Wax Wood Staff 武术白蜡杆

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White Oak Bo Staff for traditional Chinese style Kung Fu training and competition.  A solid white oak bo staff is excellent for martial arts strength training and conditioning exercises with its natural heavier weight. The hardness of white oak also makes this a combat-ready bo staff that can withstand all the rigors of the competition during events and training sessions. Available size: 

78 inches,  Weight 1.1 lbs,  Diameter, End 1.4, Tip 0.9

75  Inches, Weight 1.10 lbs  Diameter, End 0.9, Tip 0.7

73 Inches, Weight 1.76 lbs   Diameter, End 1.2, Tip 0.8