Lightning Strike Muay Thai By Lerdsila Chumpaitour

Lightning Strike Muay Thai By Lerdsila Chumpaitour

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DVD:Lerdsila Lightning Strike Muay Thai

For the FIRST time ever, Lerdsila " Mr. Lightning " Chumpairtour's MUAY THAI Fighting Techniques Instructional DVD.


Lerdsila " Mr. Lightning " Chumpairtour's MUAY THAI Fighting Techniques.


3 Times Prestigious RAJADAMNERN Champion, LUMPINEE Champion, WMC Champion, 

World Muay Thai Champion !!!

Content :


1. Intro.

2. Fake Round Kick to Push Kick.

3.Fake Push Kick to Scissor Kick.

4. Jamming Push Kick To High Push Kick

5. Push Kick- The Standing Leg Defense.

6. Using Push Kick in the ring.

7. Avoiding a Catch Kick & Sweep Attempt.

8. Front Leg Knee Defense

9. Escape from Kick Catch.

10.Parry forward & Elbow Strike.

11. Lean & Counter Kick

12.Long Knee Defenses.

13. Evading The Clinch.

14. Countering the grab with Back Elbow.

15. Throwing from Clinched Position.

16. Off-Balance Throw.

17. Lerdsila's Footwork

18. Final Thoughts