Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu—Intermediate Sequences

Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu—Intermediate Sequences

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Yi Lu Mai Fu and Er Lu Mai Fu, the first and second Ways of Ambush, are powerful fundamental sequences that instruct clever and subtle methods of defense and attack. Both contain practical and effective escape and withdrawal techniques.

Shi Zi Tang builds on earlier sequences with the addition of several different kicks, side door attacks, and forceful techniques.

Xiao Hu Yan is a challenging and exciting sequence combining techniques from Long Fist and Northern Praying Mantis. Xiao Hu Yan emphasizes low stances, powerful kicks, leg sweeps, trapping, and striking.

Each form is divided into sections to help you learn gradually and to master every technique. These traditional sequences are an excellent way to train speed, strength, timing, sense of enemy, and are good for competition.