Silat for Street Self Defense with Richard Clear

Silat for Street Self Defense with Richard Clear

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Vol 1:Beladiri Fighting Method-In this volume, you will learn highly evasive running, surprise moves, and fighting whil on the move, as well as how to use the same movements when empty handed or armed, against single or mulitple attackers. Sigung Clear will show you how to use fingers, elbows,knees, shins, body collision, teeth, knives, and improvised weapons while also teaching the primary targets-eyes, throat, groin, arteries, joints, and pressure points.

Vol 2:Basic Entries-Successfully learn to defend yourself from the front, side, and behind while standing, walking, running, or stepping. Learn the main hand positions:slap and join, slap and cut, brush hair, reaching arm, buongs, emergency head cover, and how to defend with the stomping kick. Sigung Clear shows you how to effectively attack until the fight is over, slap and attack, pukolan, stomp kick and attack, as well as rapid responses to grabs and tackles.

Vol 3:Tactical and Welcoming Postures-Use tactical and welcoming postures such as the hands-off posture, the closed-off stance, the Javanese T-stance, and advanced motion with welcoming postures to put yourself in the best position possible when in a dangerous situation. Sigung Clear will take you through multiple postures, follow-ups, and finish Kinjits.

Vol 4:Clear's Silat Kun Tao Silat 8 Set-Sigung Clear breaks down form as well as several different versions of practice, from beginner to more advanced levels. You will learn contact drills such as hide a hand, continual touch drills, floating root and floating root push hands, the sticker bush, and the thorny king.

Vol 5:Continuous Explosive Striking-This volume takes you step-by-step through explosive destructions-individually, combined, and simultaneously. Then, all learned techniques are combined with advanced continuous explosive striking that includes the addition of the elbows, knees, and head, in most applications.