Traditional Kung Fu Spear

Traditional Kung Fu Spear

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Because of its instinctive use (“poke it!”), effectiveness on horseback, and simple manufacture (a pointy stick), the spear was the most prominent and often the most deadly weapon on any battlefield in history, be it Greek, Japanese, Medieval, or Chinese. The spear, one of the four principal weapons of kung fu, had the built-in advantage of tremendous reach that was a challenge to overcome. In fact, most broadsword techniques are specifically tailored to combating a spear, so important was this ability. Today it is the fastest and flashiest of the long weapons in martial arts. This spear is constructed of a flexible wax wood staff and a very stiff chrome steelhead. It is made for traditional training. The Spear Head is about 12.5 " overall and the spear tip  2.5" long by 1" wide.

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