U.S. Army Close Quarter Combatives with Leonard Holifield

U.S. Army Close Quarter Combatives with Leonard Holifield

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Prof. Leonard Holifield is the Director and Founder of the US Educational Institute (PHALANX TRAINING ACADEMY) of the International Protective and Security Academy.

He is the former Chief Security Officer and personal bodyguard to the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roy S. Moore, aka "The Ten Commandments Judge". He has protected corporate CEO's, government officials, celebrities, and foreign dignitaries.

Holifield has over 40+ years of martial arts experience and is Grandmaster of the International Sikaron Karate Federation, as well as Founder President of the I.A.P.M.S.D.T [The International Academy of Police & Military Self Defense Tactics] , and H.C.S.I [Holifield's Combat Systems International] , and leader of other numerous professional organization too.

He is considered one of US leading expert in hand-to-hand combat, he is a published author and frequent lecturer on unarmed self-defense, executive protection, and military combatives.

During his military career, he served as Chief Combatives Instructor to the United States Army from 1987 to 1997 and was instrumental in rewriting the Army's manual on Combatives (FM 21-150).

While stationed in Seoul, Korea, he and his team spearheaded a hand-to-hand combat training program that was taught throughout the 2nd Infantry Division and 8th Army Command. His positions included Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Specialist, Combat Lifesaver, Master Fitness Instructor, Instructor Certified "H" Identifier, Inmate Labor Supervisor, Tac-Fire Operations Specialist, Military Police Officer and CQC/USD trainer too, Airborne, Air Assault, Air Cavalry, Infantry, Field Artillery, (SRT) Special Reaction Teams and Special Operations.

His work in the field of hand-to-hand combat has been featured on AFKN (Armed Forced Korean Network) and in numerous military publications, to include Stars & Stripes, Soldiers, Army Trainer, Korus, and Military Police magazines and has been recognized by top military leaders to include former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen.


 01. Fundamental Principles of Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat

Learn the basic principles of hand-to-hand combat including basic stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, knife fighting skills, vital points, closing the gap, force redirection, joint manipulation and responsibility as a combative specialist.

(approx. 56 mins)

02. Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat Fighting Tactics Volume 1

All techniques are shown step-by-step, at combat speed then slow motion. Techniques include defense against punch attacks, grabs, holds, kicks, knife attacks, rushing attacks and ground fighting tactics. A must for all serious students and instructors wishing to expand their knowledge and techniques.

(approx. 51 mins)

03. Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat Fighting Tactics Volume 2

Learn the devastating (real world) techniques of hand-to-hand combat. Each technique is shown numerous times at different angles allowing the viewer to fully understand the mechanics of each technique. Techniques include: defense against punch attack, defense against knife attack, defense against rifle/bayonet, low level kicks, ground fighting tactics, defense against pistol and choking techniques.

(approx. 60 mins)

04. Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat Fighting Tactics Volume 3

This dynamic tape teaches you the military quick and deadly defensive techniques against punches, chokes, rifle attacks and more. Follow along as Prof. Holifield shows how to stop the deadliest types of assaults and escape unharmed!

(approx. 61 mins)

05. How to Conduct an Army Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat Training Session

This video includes instructor responsibilities, the soldier, training area survey, equipment needed, safety considerations, proper training sequence, physical fitness training and the five biggest mistakes made when teaching hand-to-hand combat. This tape is a must for instructors wishing to enhance their teaching skills.

(approx. 61 mins)

06. Prisoner Search and Securement Tactics

(approx. 54 mins)