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The Wushu Spear is recommended for contemporary Wushu practice, demonstration, and tournament competition. It has a ball bearing for a rattling sound.

Wushu Spear Head: This Wushu Spear Head is constructed of cold-rolled, chrome-plated steel with a rounded off the tip for safety.  It is stiff and unsharpened and includes a large red tassel.

The Spear Head is about 7.5 " overall and the spear tip  2.5" long by 1" wide.

Wushu Spear Shaft:  Flexible natural white wax wood is used for this spear's shaft. It is lightweight and tapered slightly.  This spear shaft is thicker than the Ultralight spear shaft. The wood is hand-selected to be as straight as possible.

The diameter around the widest end is approximately 1.2